2017 World War 1 Centennial

In February 2017 the Grande Voiture du Texas sponsored a World War 1 Centennial event at the Texas State Capitol in Austin, Texas.  

The Texas Merci Boxcar was put on display on east side of the Capitol Building for One Day.  A ceremony was held and a Resolution from the Texas House presented.  

The Texas Merci Boxcar came to Austin, Texas in February 1949 from France.  It was on temporary display in Fort Worth and at the Alamo in San Antonio during its 1st year. 

It was kept at Camp Mabry where the 1st Annual Pilgrimage took place in February 1950.  The Grande Voiture du Texas has held  an annual pilgrimage each year since.  

The Texas Merci Boxcar was moved from Camp Mabry to the grounds of American Legion Travis Post 76 in 1951 as Camp Mabry needed the space due to the Korean War.  A slab was poured and protective shelter built around the boxcar where it remained for 63 years. 

In February 2014 the Texas Merci Boxcar was moved to the Texas Military Forces Museum at Camp Mabry where it remains on display in the Great Hall.

Professional Photography done by Scott Raymond.